• WG1: Precise determinations of Vud and Vus,
    semileptonic/leptonic D decays and determinations of Vcs and Vcd

    conveners: Stefan Baeßler (Univ. of Virginia), Anze Zupanc (Jozef Stefan Institute Ljubljana), Elvira Gamiz (Univ. of Granada)

  • WG2: Determinations of Vub, Vcb through semileptonic B decays,
    semileptonic/leptonic B decays with τ

    Alexei Sibidanov (Univ. of Sydney), Michele Della Morte (Univ. of Southern Denmark), Damir Becirevic (Paris-Sud Univ.)

  • WG3: Rare B, D, and K decays
    (including radiative decays, electroweak penguin decays, B(s)→ll, constraints on Vtd/Vts)

    Akimasa Ishikawa (Tohoku Univ.), Tom Blake (Univ. of Warwick), David Straub (TU Munich)

  • WG4: Mixing and mixing-related CP violation in the B system
    (ΔM, ΔΓ, φ from Bs, φ1/β, φ2/α, φ3/γ)

    conveners: Yasmine Amhis (Paris-Sud Univ.), Tagir Aushev (ITEP Moscow), Martin Jung (TU Dortmund)

  • WG5: Direct CP violation
    (including φ3/γ from B→DK, DCPV effects in charmless hadronic B(s) decays)

    conveners: Jim Libby (IIT Madras), Alexander Lenz (Durham Univ.)

  • WG6: High-energy flavour physics
    (single top and top pair production; forward-backward and charge asymmetries; constraints on FCNC, searches for CPV; direct measurements of Vtd, Vts, Vtb, Higgs flavour changing processes)

    conveners: Markus Cristinziani (Bonn Univ.), Jure Zupan (Univ. of Cincinnati)

  • WG7: Mixing and CP violation in the D system
    (x, y, |q/p|, φ, x12, y12, φ12
    DCPV in D decays)
    conveners: Jolanta Brodzicka (Univ. of Manchester), Jernej Kamenik (Jozef Stefan Institute Ljubljana)